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Your Home Can Be a Smart Home

Access your home with ease and convenience

A smart home effortlessly incorporates meticulous design principles to elevate your comfort and convenience. Our comprehensive range of features includes security cameras, doorbell systems, multi-room audio setups, intelligent lighting, temperature control, cinema rooms and a multitude of other amenities, providing a comprehensive solution for your needs.

The technological innovations automate a wide spectrum of household functions with a singular objective in mind. This objective is to enrich your living spaces, rendering them not only more convenient but also safer, more efficient and exceptionally comfortable. The potential is as boundless as your imagination. Envision household tasks automated at a touch, devices adapting intuitively to conserve energy and music effortlessly streaming throughout your entire home.

Effortlessly coordinating devices with your lifestyle becomes a reality, courtesy of the capabilities of a smart home. Our smart systems elevate your home’s safety to unprecedented levels. Supported by advanced technology and expert installation, your peace of mind takes precedence, ensuring that your home is more secure than ever before.

How can we help you?

Wired CCTV & Wireless Camera Systems

We offer you a variety of security cameras to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Video Doorbell & Intercom Systems

Our video doorbell and intercom systems allow you to answer the door from anywhere in the world. Book in your installation today.

Smart Lighting & Home Control Systems

We provide a range of home automation systems and controls to suit your needs. Control your home with Smart lighting, switches, cooling/heating and more.

Keyless Entry & Smart Lock Installation

Our keyless entry and smart lock systems allows you to control who has access to your home. Set unique pin codes, lock the door from anywhere.

Experienced, local, efficient & friendly

We believe that everyone deserves a safer and smarter home. This is why we started SOS4U. Always know your home is secure, even when you’re not there. Smart home technology gives you unparalleled security and safety.
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